Automotive Films


Automotive Car Films
Greystone Car Tint Films With a double-layered construction, Greystone's unique dyed formula provides color durability and long lasting performance. Greystone is also non-conductive and is considered one of the fastest shrinking films available. Greystone Car Window Films
Marathon Car Tinting Films Marathon is a hybrid high performance auto film that does an excellent job in rejecting heat, cutting down glare and blocking harmful UV rays. Additionally, Marathon's “black” shade matches perfectly with a majority of factory tinted vehicles on the market today Marathon Car Tint Films
Insulatir Ceramic Car Tinting Films Insulatir is a premium automotive film incorporating new ceramic technology. Neither a dyed film nor a metal film, Insulatir is highly durable and contains exceptional infrared (IR) reflective properties. Insulatir Ceramic Car Tinting Films
Trident Glass Coating Car Tint Films Trident Auto films add a layer of glass protection to any vehicle. It will help hold glass together in case of glass breakage caused by crime, collisions, or flying debris. Available in several color shades to reject uncomfortable solar heat. Trident Glass Coating Car Tint Films