Insulatir Product Benefits:

> Faster Installations
> High Performance
> Durable Construction
> Signal Friendly for GPS and Satellite Radio Systems
> Sophisticated look
> Lifetime Factory Guaranteee


Insulatir is neither a dyed nor a metal film. It's actually a film using state-of-the-art ceramic technology. When titanium is exposed to nitrogen during the sputtering process, the result is a tough, protective compound called Titanium Nitride (TiN). You'll find TiN in the semiconductor industry, and it's also used to protect and preserve machine tools. TiN is the main ingredient in JWF's Insulatir ceramic film, which is highly durable and contains exceptional infrared ray (IR) reflective properties.


Insulatir is one of the best solar energy rejection films in the industry without some of the drawbacks of an all metal (too reflective) or all dyed (fading over time) film. Plus, Insulatir is signal friendly for GPS and satellite radio systems.


Insulatir comes with a Lifetime Factory Warranty . This means if there is a problem with the film, we'll will replace questions asked.