Frosted & Decorative Films



Specialty Series Product Benefits:

> UV Clear-99% UV protection clear film
> White Frost-semi-transparent film
> Whiteout-opaque white film
> Blackout-opaque black film
> CSTT scratch-resistant hardcoat
> Lifetime Residential warranty
> 10-Year Commercial warranty


Specialty Series is a unique combination of clear and opaque films. They are used for applications where total solar control is less important, and clear views, privacy and/or enhanced looks are more of a premium.


UV Clear is a great film to use when harmful UV ray protection is desired, but the customer does not want the look of window film. UV Clear offers very low heat rejection but is almost invisible on the glass. This combination works great on storefronts that need protection against interior fading as well as an unobstructed view. Homeowners not wanting the look of window film but demand protection for their countertops or storage facilities with windows will also benefit from UV Clear.


Whiteout and Blackout films are designed to create total privacy. Whether it's a store or residential home, anytime there is a need to block the view inside a window, our Whiteout or Blackout films will do the job. These films are often used on the backside of countertops or storage facilities with windows.


White Frost is great for windows where sunlight is desired, but total day and nighttime privacy is needed. Large bathroom windows, upper half-moon windows and windows surrounding private conference areas will benefit from this semi-transparent film. White Frost is also used in designing graphics. Custom made sceneries and unique one-of-a-kind designs can often dress up a dull office building or showroom lobby.


Here are some examples of how great our specialty series film really is:


One Stop Tint One Stop Tint One Stop Tint One Stop Tint  
One Stop Tint One Stop Tint One Stop Tint One Stop Tint  
One Stop Tint One Stop Tint One Stop Tint One Stop Tint