> Great New Color - universal black color matches most factory tint
> Color/Reflectivity Consistency - from MN 05 through MN 45
> Construction Integrity - color impregnated dyed layer outperforms cheaper imitations
> Improved Polymer Base - better and longer adhesive anchoring and optical clarity
> High Performance Hybrid Construction - excellent heat, glare and UV Ray rejection
> Faster Installations - 1.5 mil thickness and a fast drying metal layer


Superior color, superior performance, and superior durability...that's what you get with JWF's new Marathon films!


Marathon is the latest in a series of high performance automotive films from Johnson Window Films. It's universal black shade closely matches factory tinted glass while the color/reflectivity is consistent throughout the line.


Along with a great new color, Marathon's construction quality is about as good as it gets. It combines a fast drying aluminum layer delivering high heat rejection with a tough and durable neutral black dyed film. Plus Marathon features an improved polyester polymer base for better adhesive anchoring, stronger durability and increased optical clarity.


Marathon comes in 5 different shades from MN 05 to MN 45 giving customers a broad selection of light and dark color shade options.