Trident Auto Product Benefits:

> Excellent upsell from solar control films
> Multiple protection levels available
> Charcoal color shades
> Rejects 98% or more of harmful UV rays
> CST™ scratch-resistant hardcoat
> 5-Year customer satisfaction guarantee


Trident automotive protection films are designed to increase vehicle safety. Using a stronger adhesive versus regular solar control automotive films, Trident forms a tough bond to glass, holding glass fragments together in case of an accident. And a thicker polyester layer provides an extra coat of protection against smash-and-grab car robbers.


Cars have more glass than ever before so acts of vandalism, traffic collisions and even rollover accidents can cause injuries from flying glass. Therefore, many customers today are looking for added protection to their automobile.


Trident Auto window films are available in several color shades to reject uncomfortable solar heat.