Sunset Bronze



Sunset Bronze Product Benefits:

> High heat rejection
> Copper appearance
> Non-fading
> Rejects 99% of harmful UV rays
> CSTT scratch-resistant hardcoat
> Lifetime Residential warranty
> 10-Year Commercial warranty



Sunset Bronze has a soft, copper look that's appealing to both homeowners and property managers. Its non-fading, sputtered design is guaranteed not to change color or turn purple.


Rejecting heat by as much as 75%, Sunset Bronze offers superior solar heat gain performance to balance hot spots in sun-drenched areas. All SB films are dual pane and Low-E window safe, and provide effective glare and UV protection as well.


Sunset Bronze is available in three different shades—SB50, SB30 and SB20. SB50 is popular with homeowners needing window film performance, but don't necessarily want the "look" of window film. SB30 and SB20 will certainly complement a commercial building. These films not only reduce unwanted glare, but they'll offer daytime privacy for office workers. No matter the choice, all Sunset Bronze films will increase HVAC efficiency and lower overall energy costs.